Links on Hearing Loss


Suggested Reading
  1. "Keys to Living with Hearing Loss" by Marcia Dugan (1997)

  2. "Hear: Solutions, Skills and Sources for Hard-of-Hearing People" by Anne Pope (1997)

  3. "An Invisible Condition: The Human Side of Hearing Loss" by Rocky Stone

  4. "Assistive Devices: Doorways to Independence" by Cynthia Compton (1989)

  5. "Balancing Act" by Virginia M. Scott (1997)

  6. "Coping with Hearing Loss" by Susan V. Rezen (1993)

  7. "Do You Hear Me? Laughs for the Hard of Hearing by the Hard of Hearing" by Maxwell Schneider (1996)

  8. "The Feel of Silence" by Bonnie Potras Tucker, J.D. (1996)
  9. "Full Face: A Correspondence About Become Deaf in Mid-Life" by Claire
    Blatchford (1997)

  10. "Missing Words: The Family Handbook on Adult Hearing Loss" by Kay Thomsett and Eve Nickerson (1993)

  11. "Odyssey of Hearing Loss: Tales of Triumph" by Michael A. Harvey, Ph.D (1998)

  12. "Patrick Gets Hearing Aids" by Maureen Cassidy Riski and Nikolas Klakow (1994)

  13. "Wired for Sound: A Journey Into Hearing" by Beverly Biderman (1998) 


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